Chocolate Party Hats Giveaway - A Whitman's Sampler Is Just Too Effing Tame

Personally, I prefer my chocolate to come in viking hat form, jauntily perched on my partner’s wang. I think, given a chance, you would [...]

Wetter is Better: A Luscious Lube Giveaway from Wet

o these sound good? Awesome, cause I have some sample packs to give away! (I specifically asked for sample packs to give away to my readers so I could let as many people as possible try these awesome products instead of just one person getting a bunch of bottles. ) You guys are the reason I write, and if I can help you have better sex by proxy, you’re damn sure gonna have [...]

More WTF Marketing Moves

Update 6/27/09:  WOW. I mean…wow.  With this email response (MissKissThis has affirmed it is genuine and offered to forward it to yours truly) DW just managed to cram their other foot in their mouth. Right now, to use an easily visualized parlance, they are potentially like a marketing snake that has unhinged their jaw to [...]

A public service announcement for new sex toy debuts.

If you want someone to ‘report’ on the toy, rather than ‘review’ the toy, I am the person you’d be looking for. I like, nay, love new sex toys and am pre-programmed with enthusiasm for the industry because I work in [...]