Ceramic Dildos! (aka – if the mailman only knew what he just delivered…)

After chatting with John a few times, I mentioned the Sex Blogger Calendar Party. He wanted to help support the cause, so I’m very (very!) happy to say that there’s a FREAKIN GORGEOUS butt plug that will be gracing the raffle table, courtesy of Atraw Ceramics. What’s that? You want pictures? Well, [...]

More WTF Marketing Moves

Update 6/27/09:  WOW. I mean…wow.  With this email response (MissKissThis has affirmed it is genuine and offered to forward it to yours truly) DW just managed to cram their other foot in their mouth. Right now, to use an easily visualized parlance, they are potentially like a marketing snake that has unhinged their jaw to [...]

The ToyChick Compendium: A List of Sex Toy Manufacturers

Want to know all the good sex toy manufacturers? This is your [...]

The JESTER from Vixen Creations!

..this was THE concept toy I had been so thoughtfully informed of awhile back. The JESTER!

The basic gist of it? Hitachi = good. Double Dildos = awesome. Silicone = OMGyes. Put them together and your TTC here is trying not to physically ricochet off the walls with joy. I held it up, hummed the triforce theme from zelda, and was rewarded with a rather annoyed and quizzical look from my cats. The rabbit, to her credit, continued to eat hay and avoided eye contact with the increasingly erratic [...]

I'm on a silicone kick…

So I discovered an AWESOME silicone company that manufactures here in the US.

Thankfully, I rooted them out *after* I left youknowwhere, so they will be deprived of the bitchin’ toys this company puts out. Would it be vindictive to make exclusion of the aforementioned a qualification of becoming this company’s liaison to the industry? Hmmm. [...]

Silicone rocks my socks..

Looking for a good silicone company? Here are the ones that I, personally, think are tres bitchin and worth a looksee.

For Dildos and “removable bullet” style vibrators:

Vixen Creations
Tantus Silicone
Happy Valley
Whipspider RubberWorks
Rocks Off
Downunder Toys

For “regular” vibrators:

Fun Factory

For caps for the hitachi:

Nexus (Update 6/2009 – Sadly, it looks like Nexus discontinued both their G-Pod & Tri-Pod Caps. [...]