Jingle Bell Joque – The Winter Hotness Giveaway!

Once we get your comment here (and your answered questions on Epiphora’s Form for an extra entry) you’ll be entered to win the size you noted in your comment. Easy, no? Considering this is a $100+ Vegan-friendly luxury harness, we think it’s a rather exciting giveaway. [...]

An open letter to those who oppose gay marriage.

Hi there.

I am a 27 year old monogamous straight female, living with my fiance in a tidy apartment with a few pets and too many books. Supporting gay marriage does absolutely nothing for me – I will get no payoff, tax break, or other incentive that will, in any way, make my life easier. None [...]

Different as Night & Day

Once upon awhile ago, I had a partner – my first – that pretty much handled our entire sexual relationship. He liked morning sex, so I surrepitously kept a tin of altoids on the nightstand…if we were getting busy at sunup, I’d pop one and give him one so we didn’t kill one another with [...]

In which the Toychick asks for help…

Not too long ago, I had another idea that managed to hurdle the “it’ll never work” mantra and gain momentum in my brain. This led to a chat with a really cool Etsy momma I met on twitter, which led to several more, which produced a sketch, which produced a prototype, which then gave birth to “Oh my god, I think this is going to [...]

Silicone + Victorian Design = Eros & Isis’ Sexy Schwag for the NYSBCP!

I ran into @erosandisis on twitter a few months ago. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor and stopped drooling, I maniacally clicked through every page of their online catalog, each more delightfully decadent than the last. While I lurve my “home” silicone companies, serious credit has to be give to people who [...]

Another submission! (not that kind, you pervs.)

I love writing, I love sex, I love microfiction, and I love free shit.

So when I saw this? Yeah. Totally all about that.

My entry into the 250-word-or-less “How Did The Condom End Up On The Bus” [...]

Who Deserves a King Dong anonymously mailed to them?

If you could load a King Dong (GIGANTIC 14″ long, purple dildo) into a box and ship it off to an anonymous sex-phobic, homo-phobic, or otherwise party-pooping person or group, who would it [...]

Boobs, A New Job, and Johnny Law

I find all the weird jobs, I swear. Ah well, it’ll be fodder for a novel later, [...]

Recap: Exxxotica NY and Working a "real" job

A side note here, porn stars – the weirdo balloon-lip thing? No. Knock it off. Stop injecting crap into your lips. For reals. Also – judging by the ridiculous heels I saw all weekend, a chiropractor booking a booth at the next show could consider his marketing dollar very well spent [...]

I'm alive! (Sorry, necrophiliacs)

I’m back home, much to the indifference of my cats, and attempting to dig out my life and restore some sense of normalcy. A family health issue yanked me out of state and stuck me smack dab in the boonies of New England, where I was left to languish without access to internet for almost a month [...]