Silicone rocks my socks..

Looking for a good silicone company? Here are the ones that I, personally, think are tres bitchin and worth a looksee.

For Dildos and “removable bullet” style vibrators:

Vixen Creations
Tantus Silicone
Happy Valley
Whipspider RubberWorks
Rocks Off
Downunder Toys

For “regular” vibrators:

Fun Factory

For caps for the hitachi:

Nexus (Update 6/2009 – Sadly, it looks like Nexus discontinued both their G-Pod & Tri-Pod Caps. [...]

Imitation Shout-Outs, Part 1

Like a math test, but now with more “aw, come on…really?”

A Cali Toy is not a Funfactory Layaspot

A Cali Toy is not a Vibrafun Crop

A Cali Toy is not a Spartacus Crop

A Cali Toy is not a Ruff Doggie Styles Crop

A Cali Toy is not a Jollies Dildo

A Cali Toy is not a Nobessence [...]

An Open Letter…

Dear Sex Toy Industry;

I know you think clear plastic is edgy and cool (I’m lookin’ at you here, doc) but please consider that some of us out there don’t fancy reaching into a box and being treated to the sensation of grabbing blindly into a dark room full of angry cats, grinding dirty reused styro [...]

A different sort of sex blogger..

It wasn’t intended, however well prepared the years of swiping mom’s A&E catalogs and dad’s outdated hustlers made me. It was born more out of desperation for employment and a well-timed craigslist ad, [...]