2010 is sucking so far - a Toychick update

So, those that may read and have NOT caught my sporadic updates on twitter from the hospital, my retina decided to take an unplanned vacation from it’s proper place at the back of my eye. Turns out, ignoring a small black spot in your peripheral vision over a couple of days as “probably nothing”? Yeah, not such a hot idea. Don’t do it.

Epiphora has graciously taken over the reins for the Winter Hotness giveaway, so look to her blog for updates on that front with the winners and all. Entries are now closed, natch, so if you weren’t in there already, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for another fun contest in the future.

Chilldils are still being worked on, this eye thing just threw an ugly little wrench in my timeline, but updates will be posted soon, [...]

Why I’m done ‘whoring’ things out.

(whisper) Jesus, look at that (13 yr old) girl. She’s dressed like a total whore! *points*

Such is an excerpt of my disbelief, mid-mall walking with my guy, of a young woman dressed in such a manner that the pockets of her cut-offs were visable at the edges of the hem. I began to ask myself recently – what do I mean by that, [...]

In which the Toychick asks for help…

Not too long ago, I had another idea that managed to hurdle the “it’ll never work” mantra and gain momentum in my brain. This led to a chat with a really cool Etsy momma I met on twitter, which led to several more, which produced a sketch, which produced a prototype, which then gave birth to “Oh my god, I think this is going to [...]

Betcha didn’t know the Supreme Court cared about Glass Dildos.

I imagine hearing a case like this takes the monotony out of hearing a bajillion boring-but-important-ones.

Backstory: I had heard talk, back in my days as a buyer, of a little glass company making legal noise about how the popular “juicer” design seen in glass dildos was their thing. Whether this is the same company, I [...]

Another submission! (not that kind, you pervs.)

I love writing, I love sex, I love microfiction, and I love free shit.

So when I saw this? Yeah. Totally all about that.

My entry into the 250-word-or-less “How Did The Condom End Up On The Bus” [...]

Marketing Sex Toys: "You're doing it right." vs "WTF?"

I’ve been blessed enough to be a part of both the sexblogger and adult product industry communities, and have seen a large number of strange and wonderful things mailed to my house in that time – not the least of which is my much-loved Foot [...]

A vicious cycle..

It started getting screwy after a major accident last year, causing me to skip a good six months and leave me still not-quite-right in timing after that. I came to realize that, despite the pain, it was something that reminded me of being a [...]

The straight talk about non-Rx Sexual Pills and Herbal "Supplements"

When it comes to the NON prescription sexual enhancers (think things you buy at a gas station vs. a pharmacy) it kills me that I see so many pills being sold, over and over, with bright shiny packaging claiming the same thing. Better orgasms, stronger erections, bigger penises, etc etc. I get mad, mostly because I know how much money the damn things make as modern-day snake [...]

A Sex Writing Quandary

You know how when you’re reading a sentence, say this one right here, and you see the word yawn, or a description of the word yawning? You’re probably trying to stifle a yawn right this second, aren’t [...]

The ToyChick Compendium: A List of Sex Toy Manufacturers

Want to know all the good sex toy manufacturers? This is your [...]