Different as Night & Day

Once upon awhile ago, I had a partner – my first – that pretty much handled our entire sexual relationship. He liked morning sex, so I surrepitously kept a tin of altoids on the nightstand…if we were getting busy at sunup, I’d pop one and give him one so we didn’t kill one another with [...]

Why I’m done ‘whoring’ things out.

(whisper) Jesus, look at that (13 yr old) girl. She’s dressed like a total whore! *points*

Such is an excerpt of my disbelief, mid-mall walking with my guy, of a young woman dressed in such a manner that the pockets of her cut-offs were visable at the edges of the hem. I began to ask myself recently – what do I mean by that, [...]

In which the pen-jockey rides elsewhere…

So please – help me make this a repeat opportunity! Check out Brevity is the Soul of Bliss – In Defense of the Quickie leave a comment, and kick up visitor numbers and such. The toychick will thank you for it – if I get at least 20 comments over there I will give a Tantus VAMP silicone dildo away next week! Ooooh…ahhh…free shit… [...]