Silicone + Victorian Design = Eros & Isis’ Sexy Schwag for the NYSBCP!

I ran into @erosandisis on twitter a few months ago. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor and stopped drooling, I maniacally clicked through every page of their online catalog, each more delightfully decadent than the last. While I lurve my “home” silicone companies, serious credit has to be give to people who [...]

Ceramic Dildos! (aka – if the mailman only knew what he just delivered…)

After chatting with John a few times, I mentioned the Sex Blogger Calendar Party. He wanted to help support the cause, so I’m very (very!) happy to say that there’s a FREAKIN GORGEOUS butt plug that will be gracing the raffle table, courtesy of Atraw Ceramics. What’s that? You want pictures? Well, [...]

More WTF Marketing Moves

Update 6/27/09:  WOW. I mean…wow.  With this email response (MissKissThis has affirmed it is genuine and offered to forward it to yours truly) DW just managed to cram their other foot in their mouth. Right now, to use an easily visualized parlance, they are potentially like a marketing snake that has unhinged their jaw to [...]

Marketing Sex Toys: "You're doing it right." vs "WTF?"

I’ve been blessed enough to be a part of both the sexblogger and adult product industry communities, and have seen a large number of strange and wonderful things mailed to my house in that time – not the least of which is my much-loved Foot [...]

The straight talk about non-Rx Sexual Pills and Herbal "Supplements"

When it comes to the NON prescription sexual enhancers (think things you buy at a gas station vs. a pharmacy) it kills me that I see so many pills being sold, over and over, with bright shiny packaging claiming the same thing. Better orgasms, stronger erections, bigger penises, etc etc. I get mad, mostly because I know how much money the damn things make as modern-day snake [...]

The ToyChick Compendium: A List of Sex Toy Manufacturers

Want to know all the good sex toy manufacturers? This is your [...]

Dildos and Lattes – A smutwork survival guide for the uninitiated.

Mind you, I catapulted straight from the mundane (vanilla? muggle?) world of temping at a supplemental insurance cube farm straight into figuring out a dizzying array of new ways to say “stick this in your vagina and buy lube while you’re at it”.

Here are some tips for surviving the jump from work to [...]

A public service announcement for new sex toy debuts.

If you want someone to ‘report’ on the toy, rather than ‘review’ the toy, I am the person you’d be looking for. I like, nay, love new sex toys and am pre-programmed with enthusiasm for the industry because I work in [...]

The JESTER from Vixen Creations!

..this was THE concept toy I had been so thoughtfully informed of awhile back. The JESTER!

The basic gist of it? Hitachi = good. Double Dildos = awesome. Silicone = OMGyes. Put them together and your TTC here is trying not to physically ricochet off the walls with joy. I held it up, hummed the triforce theme from zelda, and was rewarded with a rather annoyed and quizzical look from my cats. The rabbit, to her credit, continued to eat hay and avoided eye contact with the increasingly erratic [...]

Vixen Creations – NYC Sex Blogger Raffle Swag and SECRET NEW TOYS!

Adding to the already impressive list of raffle items that will be garnering money for
Sex Work Awareness, Vixen Creations is putting up two Goodfella Dildos (with special testicles that hang outside of the harness for more realism! Squee!) – one in a fleshy vanilla color and another in a deeper caramel color, and a very awesome (and ridiculously close to the real thing) packer named Mr. Right in [...]