Massive Manufacturer List

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One of the things I noticed when I first got into the industry was that there were a lot of awesome companies that didn’t get the exposure they deserved. A company shouldn’t be punished for devoting more time to the product than the website, so I’d like to even the balance a bit. Here is like, the biggest list ever of all the people that make things that go in, on, or around one’s naughty bits, fetish-twisty brains, or otherwise appeal to the 18 and up crowd.

If you’re a buyer, a writer, or even a blogger, you owe it to yourself to check out some of these places and see what they have to offer. If you’re looking for the “big guys”, I’ll mention them at the very end, but only for the sake of being thorough. They get more than enough exposure!

Guide: When “***” appears after a name, it means they only have a few products made out of that material, but that those are of enough quality to have the company make the list.

Special thanks to honorary toychicks DominaDoll and Epiphora for helping out with suggestions to the list!

This list contains the following  categories:

  • Ceramic Sex Toy / Stone Sex Toy Manufacturers
  • Condom Manufacturers
  • Sexy Cosmetics &  Edibles Manufacturers
  • Glass Sex Toy Manufacturers
  • Jewelery
  • Latex & PVC
  • Leather / BDSM Sex Accessory Manufacturers
  • Vegan Friendly BDSM
  • Lingerie Manufacturers
  • Sex Lubricant Manufacturers
  • Metal Sex Toy / Metal Sex Accessory Manufacturers
  • Miscellaneous
  • Novelties
  • Sexual Position Toy Manufacturers
  • Sex Toy Storage Manufacturers
  • Silicone Sex Toy Manufacturers
  • Vibrator Manufacturers
  • Wood Sex Toy Manufacturers
  • The Big Guys (Corporations that collectively make most of the mass-produced toys)


Latest Additions! 1/13/09 – Nipple Rings /, Zini , Stone Monster , Diamond Lovetoys , Relaxstone , Vergenza , VibokitGrand Time International, TSX ToysClose2You

1/5/09 – My Slut Jewelery, Maui Kink, Twisted Monk, MySpare Harnesses

12/6/09 – Insinuate, Myla


(If you are a retailer and end up using any of these manufacturers, I would GREATLY APPRECIATE if you mentioned that you found out about their company through my blog.)


Ceramic Sex Toy / Stone Sex Toy Manufacturers:

  • Atraw Ceramics – Hand-sculpted, vitrified beautiful ceramic toys, made in upstate NY. @
  • Diamond Lovetoys – Stone vibrators. May or may not be bought/co-branded from Relaxstone
  • Die Empfangsdamen – Pretty and simple designs, well packaged.
  • Duncan Charles Designs – Black and Red ceramic pieces in traditional sex toy shapes.
  • Goldfrau – “Exclamation Point” shaped ceramic dils with gorgeous art-nouveau and solid color designs.
  • JT’s Stockroom *** – A few noteworthy large black stone offerings.
  • Lovemoiselle – Ceramic dils with simple, pretty floral patterns, as well as some with vibrating cores.
  • Luxotiq – Semiprecious stone dildos, cockrings, and anal beads.
  • PicklePants – Fired clay, rustic and whimsical look.
  • Relaxstone – Sandstone dildos and plugs reinforced with a metal core
  • Stone Monster – HUGE glazed ceramic plugs and dildos.

Condom Manufacturers:

Sexy Cosmetics &  Edibles Manufacturers:

Glass Sex Toy Manufacturers:

  • Don Wands – Inexpensive basic designs, some have light up components.
  • Phallix – One of the higher priced companies, has all sorts of designs, including dichroic and 24k fumed.
  • Pyrexions – USA made company with attractive hand-made designs.
  • RubyGlass21 – USA made, inexpensive, 24k gold fumed designs, amazing customer support. (No info website available, only an affiliate storefront) – @
  • Simply Blown – Very unique color-in-clear signature look. Gorgeous.
  • Standard Glass – Seattle based, Pretty lattachino swirl designs. Do not know if dildos are hollow?
  • Xhale Glass – Mid-price range, 24k gold designs.


Latex & PVC:

Leather / BDSM Sex Accessory Manufacturers:

  • Achella – Full range of USA handmade leather items – crops, canes, whips, floggers, etc.
  • Aslan – Canadian company with fantastic harnesses. GLBT and Vegan-friendly offerings. Great customer service.
  • Axovus – Raver light up/techno themed BDSM offerings that go from club to bedroom play with ease.
  • Church of Sinvention – Canada based, pony, medical, and the usual BDSM offerings – major kudos for comfy rolled edge designs!
  • JT’s Stockroom – The definitive source for all things kinky. In-house kinklab line is sleek and attractive.
  • Leatherbeaten – Canadian company with great quality offerings, including a great belt-into-cuffs design.
  • Little 1’s Leather – USA based, personal friend of the Toychick, and pretty god damn awesome. I own/use her pieces.
  • Oubliette Leathercraft – USA based ETSY store with pretty stamped and printed leather.
  • Outlaw – Seattle based company, long considered a go-to for quality leather harnesses.
  • Project Transaction – Really nifty-looking “printed” leather cuffs. San Francisco based.
  • Punish Petal – Oklahoma based company, really beautiful and original leather tooling/dyeing on harnesses and collars.
  • Ruff Doggie Styles – NY based company, cute and playful designs for light and beginner bdsm-ers.
  • Spartacus – USA company, nipple clamps out the wazoo, along with anything else you can imagine.
  • Stormy Leather – Recently acquired by Stockroom, a well-known name in the leather community.
  • Touch Of Fur – USA/NJ based, Fur-centric and leather cuffs and floggers.

——-Vegan Friendly BDSM

  • Fresh – Polyethylene (manmade) designs in a funky-retro signature teal blue/hot pink
  • Wolf Princess Designs – A TTC favorite, an awesome RI-based gal making tails, ears, and chest harnesses

Lingerie Manufacturers:

Sex Lubricant Manufacturers:

Metal Sex Toy / Metal Sex Accessory Manufacturers:

  • Big Teaze – Makers of, most famously, the “I rub my duckie”, their new daido metal line is well-liked.
  • Elemental Pleasures – Made by two former aircraft-makers, titanium toys that come with cases.
  • Gear Essentials – High quality stainless steel cock rings, packaged in nice tins. Various engraved patterns.
  • Jimmyjane – Pioneers of the metal vibrator, their cigar-shaped $$$ flagship product has a replaceable motor. – @
  • Laura’s Things
  • Locked in Steel – Beautiful metal collars, stainless steel plugs and dildos, chastity equipment.
  • Luxotiq*** – Their wavy aluminum dildo and butt plug come in a pretty satin-lined box.
  • Miko *** – Their teardrop-shaped pretty plugs feature a large sparkling faux gem in the base.
  • Njoy – Synonymous with metal sex toys, often imitated but never duplicated. Must have for any store.
  • Precision Bondage – Looks to be a new site, aluminum toys and urethral sounds, made in US.
  • Steel Vineyards – Famous for “G-Pops” – spheres of metal or semiprecious stone on long rods for insertion.
  • Vergenza – Aircraft aluminun spun into the erotic equivalent of ice cream pops :)


Novelties: (Like, actual ones. Not jelly toys with a sticker on them)

  • Cerebral Itch
  • Hott Products
  • Lugez – Large ice forms that, once made, liquor is then poured through for shots at a party. XXX shapes.
  • Pornaments – Pretty frosted-glass ornaments with boobies, kink, and other fun things!

Rope and Bondage Tie Manufacturers

Sexual Position Toy Manufacturers:

Sex Toy Storage Manufacturers:

  • BMS Enterprises – Several sizes of cases that open like professional makeup kits or tackle boxes.
  • Chilldils – A TTC invention! Special discreet-design microwaveable/freezable sleeves for sex toys to change their temperatures with ease.
  • Devine Toys – Box-style cases with hasp-and-lock closures. Also makes cloth lingerie “envelopes”.
  • For Your Nymphomation – A TTC favorite, almost any size you can imagine from a tiny purse one to a rolling suitcase. Innovative and intelligent design, good quality.
  • Just In Case – Condom carriers stashed beneath a compact with a mirror. Hawt.
  • Sugar Sak – Antibacterial BioShield75 lining to keep germs curbed during storage. Drawstring style pouches.
  • Toibocks – The luxury answer to “that shoebox under the bed”. Pretty  and discreet hardwood boxes, secret magnetic closures.
  • Tunti – “Government Briefcase” style portable toy carriers.  – @
  • Zomi – Large, square zipper-closure pouches. Waterproof liner, several colors. (May be exclusive to Liberator? 11/2/09)

Silicone Sex Toy Manufacturers:

Vibrator Manufacturers:

Wood Sex Toy Manufacturers:


The Big Guys (Corporations that collectively make most of the mass-produced toys)