Reviews: Jimmyjane Contour Q Massage Stones and Afterglow Candle in Milk Chocolate

It was about two or three years ago that I noticed soy wax massage candles starting to migrate from “hippychick” earthy brands into the higher end luxury sections of the adult market. The vast majority, up until that point, had been offered in round tins with stick-on labels; while they did the trick, they didn’t [...] in talkies! Video Reviews & Disclaimery Goodness

In the spirit of disclosure that AAG has brought attention to recently, let me hereby state:

1.) I am super-sexy. So sexy that companies often give me free products in exchange for reviewing them. Some of these companies have also paid me to travel to work and represent their companies at trade shows.

2.) I am not [...]

The Harness That Made Me A Sexual Superhero: Joque Harness Review (

Because they’re kickass, Spareparts not only gave me a Joque to review and a Joque for the NYSBC raffle, they also gave me one for YOU! That’s right, you could have a superhero harness all your own know…dance around the living room with. Or whatever. [...]

Review: Astroglide X Silicone Lubricant

Any toychick worth her sexy salt knows that there are almost no sex toys or acts that aren’t improved by lube, so it made getting down to business with the slippery stuff easier than scheduling a timeslot for G-spotting, or cock ring play, [...]

Review :

So there we are in the bedroom, a naked me kneeling on the bed beside an equally naked fiance. In one hand, I’m holding a penis that I have come to regard as pretty damned awesome, and in the other, inexplicably, I’m holding a miniature viking helmet made out of [...]

Adam and Eve Beaded Glass Dildo Review

Where my first dildo was essentially a skinny wand with a small bulb at the end (like so), this glass dildo offers a lot more girth and texture to enjoy. The fat bulb on the end makes handling it pretty easy, and the four knobs are placed perfectly for curling the fingers between, enabling the user to rub the “twisty” end against anywhere they [...]

Mia Vibrator Review – Thanks!

I’ve been a fan of Lelo products since I was first introduced to them a few years ago. Jelly novelty vibes with misspelled packaging are all well and good when you’re 18 and broke, but now that I’m in my mid-20s I wanted a better class of sex toy. was kind enough to send me what has become one of my new favorite toys for a test [...]

Dear TTC: Please Save Me From Myself

I sold my stuff, which I’m happy about. Turned out really well, actually. However, there’s one thorn in my side that I can’t seem to dislodge despite my best devil’s advocations and self-admonishment to just forget about [...]

Review: "Bedding Down" – A Collection of Winter Erotica

Bedding Down calls on a host of excellent erotica writers, most of whom I’ve had the pleasure of reading in other anthologies. These stories are not afraid to explore the darker side of winter twined in alongside sensual heat, like the embers of a fire on a snowy night. Death is lightly touched upon in two stories, and the struggle to balance between everyday life, decisions and time together is very eloquently [...]

Sex in the name of science: Semenex!

I’ll get this right out there: I have no problems with…uhm…cleanup after oral. After all that work, I feel like scrabbling for a tissue or running to the bathroom is kind of wasteful, somehow. Like churning butter for a half hour and then throwing it in the woods, you [...]