Wetter is Better: A Luscious Lube Giveaway from Wet

If there’s anything that has been repeated, over and over, by just about every person of consequence I’ve chatted with since I became a Toychick, it’s this: Lube is good, healthy, and compatible with all types of sex play.

Speaking as a gal that, by weight, has more lubricants than sex toys in her personal collection (note: I’m not counting my office/desk, because I think I have to measure THAT in tons) I can safely say I agree. Lubricant makes toys more enjoyable, mitigates discomfort that might pop up because of dryness or friction, and damn if it’s not just a whole bunch of fun to boot. I use it alone, with my partner, for handjobs, regular sex, anal sex, and I’ve even been known, in a pinch, to extol the virtues of silicone lube for squeaky door hinges or bad hair days.

Of the brands out there, among the most well known to the general population is WET brand lubes. The ubiquitous purple splash logo has meandered into the stock of almost every sex store, and even to “vanilla” venues like CVS drugstores and Walmart stores nationwide. I was thrilled the first time I witnessed this expansion – it meant that a whole new generation would get a little support in thinking of sex as something fun, healthy, and *gasp* normal!

No longer are the only lube choices relegated to medicinally-white tubes faithfully stocked beside products like suppositories. Consumers today are greeted with a colorful row of WET products, ranging from flavored to tingling to silicone, thoughtfully offered right beside the condoms for safe and enjoyable sex. I’m very happy about it, because they seem to have opened the market up for other ’sexual’ items in these same stores, from overt finger vibrators to the sly movement of certain “massagers” into the family planning aisle.

As a company, all the dealings I’ve had with them have been wonderful – they have a great group of employees that are very knowledgeable about their products, my questions were always answered truthfully and honestly, and they are supportive of bloggers. They make “safe sex” kits, complete with lube, condoms and an STD fact sheet, that are given away freely at events and stores. They are responsible for one my fave pieces of AVN swag – a “trade show survival kit” with asprin, bandaids, a safety pin, and a whole bunch of other stuff that seriously saved the day throughout my insane weekends in Vegas with Vera from FYN.  And, certainly not least of all, they are kind enough to let me try out their stuff! ;)

Wet Together Lubricant Wet Together Pleasure Gels Wet Platinum Lubricant Wet Kiwi Strawberry Lubricant

Expanding on that same notion of sexy, slippery satisfaction for all, WET has also been rolling out nifty dual sets of lubes* for their 20th anniversary. The two sets feature enhancer gels and compatible co-lubricants, intended to be enjoyed by both partners at once, in addition to their familiar favorites. Their lubes, including the new dual sets, are always latex-friendly, with the exception of their single WET oil-based lube.

  • The Wet Together Lubricant pack has two 2 oz bottles of lube – a warming water-based one and a cooling silicone-based one; they meant to be applied to one another and…um..combined. I’ll let you imagine how!
  • The Wet Together Pleasure Enhancing Gels are two .50 oz tubes of concentrated arousal gels – one is intended to increase sensations in the penis, the other is intended to increase sensations in the clitoris.
  • Wet Flavored Gel is a water-based thicker-consistency lube that can be used for any sex play, as it is sugar-free.
  • Wet Platinum is a silicone-based thin-consistency lube that can be used for almost anything, but shouldn’t be used with silicone toys.

Do these sound good? Awesome, cause I have some sample packs to give away! (I specifically asked for sample packs to give away to my readers so I could let as many people as possible try these awesome products instead of just one person getting a bunch of bottles. ) You guys are the reason I write, and if I can help you have better sex by proxy, you’re damn sure gonna have it!

(Don’t want to wait for the winners to be picked? Snag yourself a $1 coupon here and go grab your fave in your local store!)

Leave a comment to enter, I’ll be picking TEN winners in a few days. Winners will receive these sample packs:

*While I can understand the “his and her” thing may be trying to my GLBT readers, I can assure that WET has never seemed anything less than supportive of the community through my talks and dealings with them. Unfortunately, when you are catering to a larger nationwide store chain, they are already reluctant to carry sex products, and pushing that heteronormative line from the get-go will often take you clear out of the running.  I can’t speak for WET, but I imagine that was likely one of the reasons for the naming of these products as they are.

Edit, 2/3/09 – The kind folks at Trigg Labs/WET sent along an email to let me know they are very much behind the GLBT community! On top of donating safe sex kits to AIDS prevention/awareness groups every month and sponsoring events like the Winter Party, Gay Days Orlando, and the White party, they also support these events and groups:

  • The Los Angeles GLBT Center
  • Maui AIDS Foundation
  • The Cherry Fund
  • The Purple Foundation
  • The LGBT Task Force of NYC
  • AIDS Research Alliance of America
  • Bayou City Boys Club
  • AIDS Walk L.A, San Francisco & NYC
  • The Tweakers Project
  • Toronto Pride

12 comments to Wetter is Better: A Luscious Lube Giveaway from Wet

  • Emme

    Ya got me hooked now ;) Haven’t tried WET lube before (there are only 2 lubes we have found that won’t irritate either of us) so I’d love to give it a go. I’m liking the sound of WET Platinum.

  • Allan

    I would love to give these a shot as well, we are always looking for the elusive perfect lube.

  • I’ve only tried WET lube once, it came as a sample with a toy, and this was a couple years back. I would love to be able to try them out again.

  • Dani

    My husband and I have just finally realized the importance of a good lube, but haven’t found one yet that we actually both like. If WET is anywhere near as great as you make it sound, I’d be thrilled to give it a shot!

  • WET platinum definitely sounds amazing!!! Had a run in with sticky lube the other night. bleh!

  • I’ve had mixed experience with Wet lubes in the past, but would love to give them another shot!

  • I’m still relatively new to using sex toys in general, and I’ve only ever tried one brand of lube. It’s not bad, but I’m curious to see what varieties are out there, and what differences they can make. :D

  • Mercury

    Yay for free lube! I would love to try a new brand!

  • PlanetNiles

    We’ve never found much need for lube; it’s never been an issue. Doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to play with the stuff if we had the chance.

  • I would love to try a new brand. We normally stick to Durex, but I’ve never tried Wet before. :) Awesome giveaway.

  • Just a quick thank you from Wet for all of the support and more importantly some tips because we want you to have a great experience overall no matter what type of lubricant you love. The Wet together Lubricant for Couples and Arousal Gels for Couples are great for both men and women (and any combination thereof)when used together and even separately HOWEVER… if you have sensitive skin…these are not for you. Go for the Platinum or the Kiwi Strawberry instead. If you don’t have sensitive skin, go for the together. They are a FUN way to get Wet with your partner. Start out with one drop of each. They are concentrated! Thank you again!

  • Mia Cupcake

    Ooh! Pick me! I’ll need a new lube to try after surgery… :D

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