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Weird Sex Toys of The Week Bad Idea Edition Part 2

Here we have an assortment of toys that made even my seasoned toychick brow raise a bit. (This is in response to the readers that have accused me of favoriting Topco by their lack of presence in my WSTOTW pieces.)

  • The BJ strap.

…really? Outside of D/s, who buys this? I mean, as a joke, maybe, but if some dude whipped out a belt when he’s lucky enough to be getting oral from me…let me tell ya, around the back of my head would be the LAST place that thing would end up.

  • Cyberglass Head Gear Chin Strap-On

Even for those of you that do NOT have a parent in the dental profession, I would imagine that you’d realize that propping a rigid protrusion with your jaw/teeth as a stabilizer and, presumably, using it rather vigorously, would be a bad idea. It might be hot in the short term, but….ow.

  • Lex Steele Penis Extensions

I’ve got no problem with Mr. Steele (though, in the realm of delightfully attractive male performers, I’m afraid Mr. Marcus wins in the Toychick arena), nor with penis extensions, but this seems like an embarrasment of riches. I mean, that’s a LOT of half-faux-penises to be lying around. Trying to smoothly work in an extension can be difficult, but trying five different sizes on like you’re in a Haberdashery mid-bedroom-antics has to be awkward.

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