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Weird Sex Toys O' The Week #13 - Wang Bibs & Labia Makeup Edition

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, but there are a few WTF-worthy inventions that alert readers have pointed me to. Apparently, there is a market for festooning one’s favorite (or personal) wang with all manner of attachments that either ensure the testicles don’t get dribbled on (the horror) or, much like truck nuts, announce one’s dubious taste in self-expression in a…unique…fashion. Need a scented cock-mounted napkin that “masks body odor” after or during oral sex? We’ve got that covered too. Are your labia faded from years of wear? No worries – we’ll get that georgia o’ keefe back to a matte finish caribbean salmon in no time, courtesy of an unidentified powder that has been on TV and a website told me is totally safe! (Update 1/21/10 – the very brave gal behind actually tried the labia dye, with dubious “results” )

I present: CockBib, via , The Lickie Dickie, via, and Labia Dye, via



1 comment to Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week #13 – Wang Bibs & Labia Makeup Edition

  • Thanks for sharing this post. Nice comments on weired sex toys. I also think of them same as you.
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    cleon dann

    Thanks for trying to spam my site. I took the liberty of removing your link to your blatantly scraped blog full of spammy keywords. Additionally, If you’re going to attempt to use my hard work to promote your ridiculously crappy sex toy site, at least have the decency to spell “weird” correctly. It’s literally spelled out like, ten times in the post. Come on, man.


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