Toychick Cohorts

Weird Sex Toys of the Week #14 - Seven Wonders Edition

Consider this quartet – two dildos based on well-known landmarks, and two dildos that are so large, they make the eyes of those uninitiated in large toys open wide, [...]

Weird Sex Toys Of The Week 13 Etsy Edition

Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week #13 : Etsy Edition!

For those not in the know, is pretty much the eBay of handmade stuff. All sorts of interesting things are listed there, the weirdest of which are cataloged and mocked diligently by sites like Regretsy. While browsing one day, I came across a “mature” listing, [...]

Weird Sex Toys O' The Week #13 - Wang Bibs & Labia Makeup Edition

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, but there are a few WTF-worthy inventions that alert readers have pointed me to. Apparently, there is a market for festooning one’s favorite (or personal) wang with all manner of attachments that either ensure the testicles don’t get dribbled on (the horror) or, much like truck nuts, announce one’s dubious taste in self-expression in [...]

Weird Sex Toys O' The Week #12: Interesting But Odd Idea Edition

A sort of mixed bag this time around, this Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week was intended to be an “in development” version, but I could only find two things in development worth writing about! That being said, here are three sex toys – two in development and one on the market – that might take stimulation places you’ve never seen it go [...]

Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week #11 – The Floating World Edition

One of my first days trying to re-locate back home saw me rushing headlong back into toychickiness, in a familiar place playing trusty sidekick to Ms. Vera of For Your Nymphomation. Along with the singularly lovely Ms. Wendy Blackheart (who – and you heard it here first – is a shameless cheeto fetishist) – I served as a super sexy, and still very tired, booth [...]

Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week #10 – Anatomical Anomaly Edition

A naked lady or nude gentleman can be an enticing and lovely sight to behold. Narrow the viewpoint on certain closeups, however, and what looked great in panorama begins to look like an H.P. Lovecraft brainchild when [...]

Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week #8 – Inflatable Edition

Inflatable sex dolls have been around for a looooong time. Pool toys with orifices, these vinyl vixens carry on truncated careers as policewomen, nurses (how exactly does one “perform like a surgeon” in BED? Ooh baby, slice me up…?), and even airline stewardesses before givin sweet lovin to their amorous partners. This is a collection of some of the varieties I’ve come across that I feel are a bit…over the [...]

Weird Sex Toys O' The Week #7 – "Admiration" Edition

So, sometimes there are weird sex toys that make me raise an eyebrow but yet I still want to squeak fangirlishly over. Just because something has an odd shape or it’s something that doesn’t appeal to me, it doesn’t mean it isn’t delightfully well constructed and worthy of [...]

Weird Sex Toys O The Week #6 – "Foot Masturbators" Edition

I have no problem with foot fetishists per se; but the disembodied vaginas always freaked me out enough…these just..border on CSI [...]

Weird Sex Toys O' The Week #5 – "AVN 09 WTF" Edition

Thankfully, though our freaky neighbors to the east produce things that few of us would dare to incorporate into our bedroom acrobatics, they provide endless entertainment. Two of the strangest items I turned up start up my mini WSTOTW: AVN 09 WTF [...]