An open letter to those who oppose gay marriage.

Hi there.

I am a 27 year old monogamous straight female, living with my fiance in a tidy apartment with a few pets and too many books. Supporting gay marriage does absolutely nothing for me – I will get no payoff, tax break, or other incentive that will, in any way, make my life easier. None [...]

Another submission! (not that kind, you pervs.)

I love writing, I love sex, I love microfiction, and I love free shit.

So when I saw this? Yeah. Totally all about that.

My entry into the 250-word-or-less “How Did The Condom End Up On The Bus” [...]


If you are uncomfortable or want to stop, just stomp. If I see you stomp, I will assume you are safe-wording and halt everything. The woman had told this to me, just before the bells jingled their way over my [...]