Another submission! (not that kind, you pervs.)

I love writing, I love sex, I love microfiction, and I love free shit.

So when I saw this? Yeah. Totally all about that.

My entry into the 250-word-or-less “How Did The Condom End Up On The Bus” [...]

55 Fiction – Sex Blogger Style!

Okay, for those of you unfamiliar with the genre, 55 fiction is basically a story in exactly 55 words (I use the rules version that doesn’t count the title, mind.) In the vein of so-called espresso stories, 55 fiction produces playful and easily digestible pieces of micro-lit, much like twitter does for blogging.

Without further ado, [...]

Against the Grain – An original and (woefully unedited) erotica piece.

God help her, she loved it.

Loved it. She laughed with a false, hollow sound when “the girls” would talk about how they used it, wielded it against their hapless partners to get this bauble or that favor, suffered through it to keep their men placid.

They talked about fantasizing about the openly handsome men, [...]