Silicone + Victorian Design = Eros & Isis’ Sexy Schwag for the NYSBCP!

I ran into @erosandisis on twitter a few months ago. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor and stopped drooling, I maniacally clicked through every page of their online catalog, each more delightfully decadent than the last. While I lurve my “home” silicone companies, serious credit has to be give to people who [...]

Ceramic Dildos! (aka – if the mailman only knew what he just delivered…)

After chatting with John a few times, I mentioned the Sex Blogger Calendar Party. He wanted to help support the cause, so I’m very (very!) happy to say that there’s a FREAKIN GORGEOUS butt plug that will be gracing the raffle table, courtesy of Atraw Ceramics. What’s that? You want pictures? Well, [...]

Happy HNT! (My Very First)

Being a HNT virgin that was thoughtfully schooled in the concept by the always-marvelous Essin’ Em, I’m posting my very first pic, taken with a crappy cameraphone while trying to juggle 800 pound boobs. I’m a triple D, so it’s no small feat! My batty buddy decided to hitch a ride in honor of Halloween [...]