Silicone + Victorian Design = Eros & Isis’ Sexy Schwag for the NYSBCP!

I ran into @erosandisis on twitter a few months ago. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor and stopped drooling, I maniacally clicked through every page of their online catalog, each more delightfully decadent than the last. While I lurve my “home” silicone companies, serious credit has to be give to people who [...]

Betcha didn’t know the Supreme Court cared about Glass Dildos.

I imagine hearing a case like this takes the monotony out of hearing a bajillion boring-but-important-ones.

Backstory: I had heard talk, back in my days as a buyer, of a little glass company making legal noise about how the popular “juicer” design seen in glass dildos was their thing. Whether this is the same company, I [...]

Ceramic Dildos! (aka – if the mailman only knew what he just delivered…)

After chatting with John a few times, I mentioned the Sex Blogger Calendar Party. He wanted to help support the cause, so I’m very (very!) happy to say that there’s a FREAKIN GORGEOUS butt plug that will be gracing the raffle table, courtesy of Atraw Ceramics. What’s that? You want pictures? Well, [...]

Another submission! (not that kind, you pervs.)

I love writing, I love sex, I love microfiction, and I love free shit.

So when I saw this? Yeah. Totally all about that.

My entry into the 250-word-or-less “How Did The Condom End Up On The Bus” [...]

Who Deserves a King Dong anonymously mailed to them?

If you could load a King Dong (GIGANTIC 14″ long, purple dildo) into a box and ship it off to an anonymous sex-phobic, homo-phobic, or otherwise party-pooping person or group, who would it [...]

Boobs, A New Job, and Johnny Law

I find all the weird jobs, I swear. Ah well, it’ll be fodder for a novel later, [...]

Recap: Exxxotica NY and Working a "real" job

A side note here, porn stars – the weirdo balloon-lip thing? No. Knock it off. Stop injecting crap into your lips. For reals. Also – judging by the ridiculous heels I saw all weekend, a chiropractor booking a booth at the next show could consider his marketing dollar very well spent [...]