Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week #11 – The Floating World Edition

One of my first days trying to re-locate back home saw me rushing headlong back into toychickiness, in a familiar place playing trusty sidekick to Ms. Vera of For Your Nymphomation. Along with the singularly lovely Ms. Wendy Blackheart (who – and you heard it here first – is a shameless cheeto fetishist) – I served as a super sexy, and still very tired, booth [...]

I'm alive! (Sorry, necrophiliacs)

I’m back home, much to the indifference of my cats, and attempting to dig out my life and restore some sense of normalcy. A family health issue yanked me out of state and stuck me smack dab in the boonies of New England, where I was left to languish without access to internet for almost a month [...]