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Weird Sex Toys Of The Week 13 Etsy Edition

Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week #13 : Etsy Edition!

For those not in the know, is pretty much the eBay of handmade stuff. All sorts of interesting things are listed there, the weirdest of which are cataloged and mocked diligently by sites like Regretsy. While browsing one day, I came across a “mature” listing, [...]

Reviews: Jimmyjane Contour Q Massage Stones and Afterglow Candle in Milk Chocolate

It was about two or three years ago that I noticed soy wax massage candles starting to migrate from “hippychick” earthy brands into the higher end luxury sections of the adult market. The vast majority, up until that point, had been offered in round tins with stick-on labels; while they did the trick, they didn’t [...]

Weird Sex Toys O' The Week #13 - Wang Bibs & Labia Makeup Edition

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, but there are a few WTF-worthy inventions that alert readers have pointed me to. Apparently, there is a market for festooning one’s favorite (or personal) wang with all manner of attachments that either ensure the testicles don’t get dribbled on (the horror) or, much like truck nuts, announce one’s dubious taste in self-expression in [...]

Pleasurists # 57 (Featuring Epiphora & TTC's Winter Hotness Giveaway!)

by Perry Gallagher

Pleasurists is a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. For updates and information follow our RSS Feed and Twitter.

Did you miss Pleasurists #56? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #58? Use our submission [...]

Weird Sex Toys O' The Week #12: Interesting But Odd Idea Edition

A sort of mixed bag this time around, this Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week was intended to be an “in development” version, but I could only find two things in development worth writing about! That being said, here are three sex toys – two in development and one on the market – that might take stimulation places you’ve never seen it go [...]

In which the Toychick asks for help…

Not too long ago, I had another idea that managed to hurdle the “it’ll never work” mantra and gain momentum in my brain. This led to a chat with a really cool Etsy momma I met on twitter, which led to several more, which produced a sketch, which produced a prototype, which then gave birth to “Oh my god, I think this is going to [...]

Betcha didn’t know the Supreme Court cared about Glass Dildos.

I imagine hearing a case like this takes the monotony out of hearing a bajillion boring-but-important-ones.

Backstory: I had heard talk, back in my days as a buyer, of a little glass company making legal noise about how the popular “juicer” design seen in glass dildos was their thing. Whether this is the same company, I [...]

Marketing Sex Toys: "You're doing it right." vs "WTF?"

I’ve been blessed enough to be a part of both the sexblogger and adult product industry communities, and have seen a large number of strange and wonderful things mailed to my house in that time – not the least of which is my much-loved Foot [...]

A Sex Writing Quandary

You know how when you’re reading a sentence, say this one right here, and you see the word yawn, or a description of the word yawning? You’re probably trying to stifle a yawn right this second, aren’t [...]

Dildos and Lattes – A smutwork survival guide for the uninitiated.

Mind you, I catapulted straight from the mundane (vanilla? muggle?) world of temping at a supplemental insurance cube farm straight into figuring out a dizzying array of new ways to say “stick this in your vagina and buy lube while you’re at it”.

Here are some tips for surviving the jump from work to [...]