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Weird Sex Toys of the Week #14 - Seven Wonders Edition

Sometimes there are dildos that are just custom-made for pondering. Consider this quartet – two dildos based on well-known landmarks, and two dildos that are so large, they make the eyes of those uninitiated in large toys open wide, reflexively. All are beautiful, most are not well-suited to this toychick and her relatively small Georgia O’Keefe, but these are all silicone, non-porous, and boilable…so I feel comfortable recommending these as long as you safely know what you’re doing with large  or uniquely shaped toys.  I think this may be the first all-silicone version of WSTOTW, with four excellent silicone companies in attendance.

1.) The Sydney Starlet Dildo from DownunderToys – This pretty faux phallus was made especially with the scalloped roof of the Sydney Opera House in mind. A fitting tribute for this fun Aussie toymaker.  It vibrates!

2.) The Island Explorer Butt Plug from Whipspider Rubberworks – Truly one of a kind, this incredibly unique butt plug is based on the iconic Easter Island heads, made in soft silicone.

3.) The Hottie Xtra from Happy Valley Silicone – This dildo might not look big in the picture, but in person it could go head-to-head with a soda can.  It’s 2.25 in diameter (almost 7″ around!!) It vibrates, too.

4.) The Tex Butt Plug from Tantus – Easily one of the largest butt plugs (not dildos, mind you. I’ve seen bigger dildos.) I’ve ever seen in my life, the Tex is a whopping 3.25″ in diameter, and not for the faint of heart. Or butt.


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