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Weird Sex Toys of the Week #14 - Seven Wonders Edition

Consider this quartet – two dildos based on well-known landmarks, and two dildos that are so large, they make the eyes of those uninitiated in large toys open wide, [...]

Adult Novelty Rumors and News – #1.5 (the followup)

Adult Novelty Rumors and News about California Exotic Novelties, Jollies Pleasure Toys, and Whipspider [...]

Weird Sex Toys O' The Week #7 – "Admiration" Edition

So, sometimes there are weird sex toys that make me raise an eyebrow but yet I still want to squeak fangirlishly over. Just because something has an odd shape or it’s something that doesn’t appeal to me, it doesn’t mean it isn’t delightfully well constructed and worthy of [...]

Silicone rocks my socks..

Looking for a good silicone company? Here are the ones that I, personally, think are tres bitchin and worth a looksee.

For Dildos and “removable bullet” style vibrators:

Vixen Creations
Tantus Silicone
Happy Valley
Whipspider RubberWorks
Rocks Off
Downunder Toys

For “regular” vibrators:

Fun Factory

For caps for the hitachi:

Nexus (Update 6/2009 – Sadly, it looks like Nexus discontinued both their G-Pod & Tri-Pod Caps. [...]