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Weird Sex Toys of the Week #14 - Seven Wonders Edition

Consider this quartet – two dildos based on well-known landmarks, and two dildos that are so large, they make the eyes of those uninitiated in large toys open wide, [...]

Silicone rocks my socks..

Looking for a good silicone company? Here are the ones that I, personally, think are tres bitchin and worth a looksee.

For Dildos and “removable bullet” style vibrators:

Vixen Creations
Tantus Silicone
Happy Valley
Whipspider RubberWorks
Rocks Off
Downunder Toys

For “regular” vibrators:

Fun Factory

For caps for the hitachi:

Nexus (Update 6/2009 – Sadly, it looks like Nexus discontinued both their G-Pod & Tri-Pod Caps. [...]