An Open Letter…

Dear Sex Toy Industry;

I know you think clear plastic is edgy and cool (I’m lookin’ at you here, doc) but please consider that some of us out there don’t fancy reaching into a box and being treated to the sensation of grabbing blindly into a dark room full of angry cats, grinding dirty reused styro peanuts into the wounds as we try to extract our damaged limbs, and in the process scattering biohazarded packing material across the office.

Trying to make clear, flexible plastic into a box shape is like trying to convince aforementioned angry cats that a bath is a splendid pastime. It fails on an epic level, the top won’t stay closed, and the razor-sharp edges seek out human flesh like starving leeches. How about we just go back to cardboard and ensure repeat customers by cutting back on exsanguinated buyers?


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