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Irons in the Fire

You may have noticed that there has been far less toychickery on twitter lately. While the world careens closer to devastation without my 140-character guidance, I have been super insane busy behind the scenes.

1.) Chilldils. This project started out with a bang and has a frustratingly long fuse until the next one. For those that aren’t aware of the backstory, I came up with an idea for a natural, USA-made, woman-crafted sleeve to fit certain non-porous toys and imbue them with heat or cold. The idea is great, the prototypes worked and were fantastic, and I had my manufacturer committed to a small first run. I brainstormed in bed at night, with a flashlight and notebook under the covers like I was a kid sneaking a detective novel. I thought I had all my t’s crossed…and my manufacturer very suddenly went MIA. She abruptly had to drop off the project, leaving me without the first run that I needed for those that supported me in getting the whole thing going. After frantically sending out feelers, I at last found another manufacturer that was able to work within my specifications and price range, and I’ve recently gotten pictures of the first run. They’re being filled as we speak, after which time they’ll be en route to me.  So, hopefully, crisis averted and Chilldils is full speed ahead.

2.) UnderBedToys. This is a website that I’m helping to build and stock, and will be a full partner in. I’m very excited, because for once I’ll get to stock a store only with toys I consider safe and/or friends recommend. I’ll have the power to yank down any that get consistent bad ratings, bucking the disturbing retail trend of  selectively posting positive or heavily edited ratings. Reviews are about honesty, and I’d like to bring it back to that, and kick out the jelly, anal desensitizers, and mystery “erection pills” that are taking up room that hot n’ sexy silicone or other body-friendly toys could be filling (har!). I also don’t want to have separate gay and lesbian sections – a sexual being is a sexual being, and people get labeled enough without having to endure it while supposedly shopping for fun.

3.) Me. I’m struggling with this wonky vision in my right eye – and more than scared, more than apprehension, I’m pissed off. It’s getting in the way of writing! I’ll be glad to get my vitrectomy and hopefully be on the mend. I have an appointment Friday where they’re gonna poke at me one last time to be sure the first surgery was made of fail before booking the second.

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