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LOST: The Candidates (For Slash)

me: John Locke is strangely sexy.

carnivalesq: He kinda is. I like, wanna do things he says.

carnivalesq: Ok, I’ll follow you to the cave. Sure.
carnivalesq: NO SHAME HERE. You killed everyone? Alright, let’s go together and get off the island.
me: What’s that, whiny emo Jack? You’re gonna go make slashfic with the man who can’t keep his shirt on? Okay. I’ll be with this dommy dude with the knives over here.

carnivalesq: SLASHFIC. Piph and I were pairing them up a while back. We wanna see Ben/Sawyer. ADMIT IT. It’s hot.
me: HA!
carnivalesq: Ben would be like, a cool, even tempered, yet loud top/dom if need be. And Sawyer would be a mouthy bottom. Like I can see him just stern and very serious and with his commanding voice
Till Sawyer is bad, then he’d go APESHIT.
carnivalesq: Not like I think about this shit or anything.

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