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Interrupting Cat In Bedroom

Like most well-heeled yuppie couples, ToyBoy and I have the requisite pets to ensure that no shelf of valuables in our entire apartment is safe. They are like training wheels for human children, as I very frequently find myself rushing into rooms yelling “Leave that alone!” or “Don’t eat that!”…perhaps more than I anticipated I would, prior to quadriped companionship. Whether it’s chasing the rabbit out of her baffling obsession with the cat’s litter box, or chasing the cats away from their baffling obsession with walking across my keyboard (doubly so if I’m healing an instance in WoW, triply so if they’ve just used aforementioned litterbox), they keep us on our toes.

My question is this – what do you other pet owners out there do about sex? I mean, the rabbit is indifferent to everything except a banana existing anywhere in the house (she would kill a grown man for one) but the cats…oh, the cats. They raise up a caterwauling, matrix-jump off our door, or scratch incessantly at the doorknob while I’m doing god-knows-what in there to ToyBoy, and it’s a real pain having to stash not only the clown suit, but ALSO mop up the extra maple syrup just to open the door to shoo them off.

Do you bribe yours? Mine will sometimes begrudgingly accept an offer of gushy food, but more often than not they are far more interested in ensuring mommy never gets laid in peace. Any tips or tricks are most welcome, please leave a comment below!

My question is this – what do you other pet owners out there do about sex?

2 comments to Unintentional Threesomes

  • See this is why I always preferred cat-owners to dog-owners, as fuck buddies, bc cats can usually be shooed away easily.

    Dated a guy once who’s dog would. not. shut. UP. was so irritating. But for some reason dog owners tend to just let that shit go and work around it.

    My cats might sit there and look at us funny longer than is necessary, but thats it.

  • thisoneguy

    heck, Let em , Let em watch,,,breaks in the lovemaking, are always best occupied by kittehs..Just Ask Em..

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