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Adult Novelty Rumors and News – #1

Rumors and News:

  • I’ve written California Exotics at every contact point I have for them in an attempt to get to the bottom of what “Japanese Medical Grade Silicone” is, as compared to “regular” medical grade silicone here in the US. I’ll keep you posted on what response they give me.
  • Sadly, it appears Jollies Pleasure Toys is folding, according to a facebook message from the founder. Their lovely toys and designs (not the least of which is the innovative Mr. Man Dildo so loved by many) will be sorely missed in an industry that thrives on talent.
  • Whipspider Rubberworks was murmuring about new things to come at the R.I. Fetish Flea, and they may or may not involve more tentacles. We anxiously await!

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